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    • 16 de feb de 2024

      Nice little cigar shop/lounge! Good selection, fair prices, and a decent amount of seating. There is a more bougie cigar lounge on the same street, about 1.5 miles away, but Sabor Havana has a better cigar selection and better vibe; it feels more authentic & folksy...welcoming. It's my go-to place in the Miami area to have a cigar if I don't want to light up on my patio.

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    • 16 de feb de 2024

      The search for mind-blowing Thai food in the greater Miami area continues.

      Lotus Garden is not bad; it's decent food. But it's not great. It's not someplace I would go to a second time. I realize that the Miami area is predominantly Latin/Hispanic, but a person would still think that phenomenal Thai food in a city this size would not be hard to find. No doubt there is some exceptionally delicious Thai food somewhere around here, but I have not found it yet.

      I always go with some sort of fried rice for my first visit to any Thai restaurant, and this was no exception. I would have preferred pineapple fried rice, but that was not an option. So I went with regular old pork fried rice. The list of ingredients was rather sparse, and the flavor was just OK. It needed a good bit of Sriracha sauce and pepper powder to liven it up.

      On the bright side, the staff was very pleasant; no complaints about them.

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    • 5 de dic de 2023

      I had high hopes for Tabacon, but I feel kind of disappointed. I frequent a couple cigar bars in the Doral & Little Havana areas and was hoping Tabacon would be "The One" due to its location and proximity to my home and work. The place has a nice ambience upon entering, but it quickly becomes obvious that, aside from private rooms and a corner near the door, it is challenging to carry on a conversation with more than 1-2 people with any level of noise present...due to the layout of the majority of the seating. The bar is great, I suppose, but the cigar selection leaves a lot to be desired. Sabor Havana & Cuban Crafters have MUCH better cigar selections, even if they don't have as much seating or full service bars. Conversely, although sparse, their seating is more intimate. Which is more important? Well for a cigar bar, I value selection and the ability to sit and talk with 2, 3, 4, even 5 people without having to shout over the din of widely spaced bodies and noise. Guess I'll keep looking for "The One".

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    • 25 de ago de 2023

      The place was hopping at 10am on a Friday in August. Nice vibe.

      Today I got a cafe con leche on ice and a guava/cheese pastelito.

      The iced coffee was fine; hard to mess one of those up. The pastelito, however, was a huge disappointment! It was super greasy, to the point the small brown paper bag it was in was half-soaked in grease. And for that I give 3 stars.

      I get a guava/cheese pastelito from Karla Bakery, La Carreta, and/or Cafe Versailles 1-2 times a week, and they are NEVER greasy like this. Never.

      I can't speak for the other food, and it may be great, but the subpar pastelito left me unimpressed.

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    • 9 de ago de 2023

      - - - - - UPDATE - - - - -
      It took a negative review and multiple emails to corporate asking them to intervene before this franchise responded to me and addressed my complaints. Glad I got my money back, but that doesn't fix the crappy service.

      - - - - - ORIGINAL REVIEW - - - - -
      3 strikes and this franchise is out!
      1 star for repeated crappy products and service.

      I really like Jersey Mike's, but this specific location sucks. The final "another chance" was 7/31/2023. I ordered 3 sandwiches, a drink, chips, and cookies on the Jersey Mike's app...for delivery. Door Dash or one of the other delivery companies delivered the food, or half of it rather - not my care or concern what delivery company...I ordered on the Jersey Mike's app so I hold Jersey Mike's responsible for half of my order missing.

      I ordered 3 sandwiches and requested (in comments) oil and vinegar on the side (so the bread would not be soggy when we got around to eating the sandwiches). Containers of oil/vinegar were missing. No oil/vinegar.

      I was flying out of the country that night, about an hour after the expected delivery time, and I wanted a complete meal to take on the flight (private flight for those who would say I couldn't take the drink or oil/vinegar through TSA liquid rules applied). But I never received the chips, drink, and cookies that I paid for.

      I know this is a "first world" problem, but I paid for products that I did not receive. Jersey Mike's still owes me, 10 days later. Afterwards, I, then my wife, tried calling this location over 12 times to rectify the situation. But over a couple hours of trying, the phone would ring for about 2 minutes then hang up. Nobody ever bothered to answer.

      If the problems I described above were one-off, I'd give this location another chance. But this was the 3rd time (out of 3) that this location has been a disappointment. So...bye.

      Cannot get resolution after 10 days!
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